Management Consultant and President, CMP Associates

Carol M. Panza is a management consultant specializing in performanceeffectiveness systems for clients in a broad range of industries and functions.She is the author of Picture This . . . Your Function,Your Company . . . which was first published in 1989. She has alsopublished a number of articles on performance topics. Carol became a consultantin 1978. Since 1985, she has operated as CMP Associates completing a varietyof highly successful projects with descriptions such as:

Prior to beginning her own firm, she was Senior Associate with the RummlerGroup (TRG), a research and consulting organization. She managed a numberof major projects for TRG over a six (6) year period. Some examples are:

Before joining TRG, Carol was a management consultant affiliated withApplied Performance Analysis. She was responsible for technical analysis,design, development and project management for projects including performance-basedevaluation systems, training needs analysis, job analysis and training programdevelopment and implementation.

Carol holds a BS degree in Marketing and an MBA in Industrial Relations.She was selected as an Examiner for the New Jersey Quality Achievement Award(NJQAA) in 1992 and continues to serve in that capacity. (The award is basedon Malcolm Baldrige criteria.) She has served on the local level of theAmerican Society of Training and Development (ASTD) as an officer and asan Executive Board member at the chapter-level of the International Societyfor Performance Improvement (ISPI). She is also a member of the Human ResourcePlanning Group (HRPG), the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) andthe British Institute of Management (BIM). Carol's consulting company, CMPAssociates belongs to the International Federation of Training DevelopmentOrganizations.

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