Picture This . . . Your Function, Your Company . . .

A book by Carol M. Panza

(The book comes with a quick reference guide.)

How do you know for sure that there are no unintended conflicts (like theexample pictured below) in departmental objectives within your company?

What is going on in the white space between the boxes on YOUR company'sorganization chart?!!

Organization Mapping is an analysis tool. An organizationmap is a graphic representation of how something works. It permits an analyst(or a manager) to visually present a great deal of information about whatis, and/or should be happening. Picture This . . . Your Function, YourCompany . . . is intended as an overview of the performance technologywith a concentration on mapping as one very useful tool. The book is writtenin a way that is understandable to Human Resources professionals, as wellas, managers in other specialty areas. This book is not going to make amaster performer "mapper" out of anyone. What it SHOULD do isto provide:

The book regularly sells for $16.95. Anyone purchasing throughthis web site can purchase the book and its quick reference guide for thespecially discounted price of $13.00. To order copies of Picture This. . . Your Function, Your Company . . .

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