A Relationship Map is a type of organization map. (The one shown above forGases R Us is a simplified example of a Relationship Map.) Such a map isa graphic way of showing an organization in the context of its customers,suppliers, competitors, regulatory bodies and, even, society as a whole,where appropriate. Relationship Maps usually include the internal customer-suppliernetwork for the organization depicted, that is, what key functions get fromand supply to each other in the course of doing business and, thereby, servingand building external customers.

Think about the following basic premises: Any business can be viewed as an organization whose purposeis to create some product or service.

Most organizations are interested in surviving into the future.

You cannot manage something or control its success, if you connotmeasure it.

The only practical source for developing measurement standards orcriteria is the customer marketplace.

There is significant opportunity to improve organization performanceby clarifying and managing the
customer-supplier relationships that join the component parts (internalfunctions) of any company.

Agreement with these premises is a vote for a systematic analysisof your organization before buying or implementing any "stuff"to improve performance!! Organization mapping is an effective tool for thatanalysis. In mapping, we are concerned with who gets what from whom, ratherthan just who reports to whom.

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